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Saturday - 3:00 p.m. New Riegel


Book of Needs

All prayer requests can now be written in our Book of Needs.

This book is located at the back of the Church and will be brought forward at the Presentation of Gifts during Mass. All parishioners and guests are welcome to write any prayer requests in the book, i.e. the sick, those facing surgery, those with financial needs, and any other need.

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April 20, 2014  

Easter (A)

GOOD NEWS!   Acts 10:34a, 37–43 / Col 3:1–4 or 1 Cor 5:6b–8; Jn 20:1–9 or Mt 28:1–10

No angel.

    No trumpet blasts.

    No remarkable glow of light.

    The only thing Mary saw was a stone that had been moved from its

place at the entrance of Jesus’ tomb. The only thing Peter and the be- loved disciple saw were burial cloths set aside, the one for Jesus’ head in a separate place.

    Some have pointed out that this tells us only that a body that was supposed to be in the grave was not. It does not “prove” Jesus rose from the dead. But there was an empty tomb—there was nothing when there should have been something.

    We preach Christ risen from the dead on Easter. Is it foolishness? The whole of creation began in mystery—God took emptiness and created the world. Our new life begins in mystery too. It starts with an empty tomb. God goes on to create stars, planets, animals, and human beings. Jesus, who had taught in the synagogues, healed the sick, and raised the dead, opens our eyes and hearts little by little and shows us that the empty tomb means abundant life for all who believe—a new relationship with God.

    A little later in the day, Mary encounters Jesus in the garden, though she doesn’t know him at first. When she understands it is Jesus, she touches the mystery that is life.

    When Jesus appears to the disciples, nail marks still visible, he wishes them peace and invites them and all of us into new life with God.

    We’ve told this story for almost two thousand years, and it has never worn out or grown stale.

    What other evidence do we need?

Mary Katharine Deeley


Reprinted with permission of Liguori Publications

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“Gratitude can transform com- mon days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy and change opportunities in to blessings.”

William Arthur Ward

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Annual Catholic Appeal. As of April 3, 2014, our parishioners have pledged $6700.00 to the 2014 Annual Catholic Appeal. Thank you to everyone who has made a pledge or gift. We are at 75% of our parish goal. You can still make a gift to the Annual Catholic Appeal and have it count toward our parish goal. If you do not have the pledge form that was mailed to you, they are available at the parish office. You may also mail your gift to: ANNUAL CATHOLIC APPEAL 2014, PO Box 917, Toledo, OH 43697; or use the convenient online giving option at www.toledodiocese.org. 75% of the money collected above goal will be rebated back to our parish. Thank you for your generosity in the past and your support for this worthwhile cause in the future.

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Anointing of the Sick Mass

on Wednesday, May 7th during the

5 pm Mass at SS Patrick & Andrew, Bascom.

Saturday April 19 Easter Vigil

8:30 pm NR - L&D Norbert Feck family, Carol Brose,

James P. & Antonette Smith

Sunday, April 20 Easter Sunday

8:00 am Frenchtown - Alma Bumb (birthday)

L&D Charles & Loretta Arbogast family

Timothy J. Bouillon, Donald F. Bland & Fredrick Bland

8:30 am Liberty - Ralph & Luella Hammer, Cleophas & Rita Brickner, Andre Tiell, Don & Margaret Kimmet

9:30 am NR - Leo (ANN) & Geneva Alt & Leo Alt, Jr. Wayne Smith, Paul Siebenaller (ANN), Clair McGrain

10:00am Bascom - For all parishioners

11:00am Alvada - Paul&ElizabethAnnTheis

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